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Director's Desk

Over the years, the institute has processed and maintained good infrastructure facilities such as audio visual and teaching aids, sophisticated library for the candidates, class rooms and canteen facility etc., in making the training successful. The institute is instrumental in developing course modules and conducting training programmes in collaboration with esteemed organizations during the past 33 years. Institute has provided 14932 successful entrepreneurs skilled workers to the nation thus helping nation to eliminate the problem of Unemployment and in alleviate poverty and releasing productive human resource in building the nation. The Institute is a hub of knowledge for the external research scholars and post graduate students of National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD) Hyderabad and many PG Centres depute their students as interns in order to exchange the knowledge. Institute has provided sample for the various research studies done by student psychologists and Social Workers. Many Post graduate students choose RUDSETI as their area of interest in order to complete the M.Phil. and doctoral studies and highlighted the good work and success of the institute.

The computer training centre and audio visual room in the institute premises is fully utilized for imparting computer DTP, Tally, Hardware and Networking Training Programme and also for software training in cell phone repair training. Sophisticated dormitories comprising of Kurlon Beds with bed spreads and pillows are being provided along with two tier steel cots to give homely atmosphere for our trainees.

Succession list of Directors Joint Directors
Sri Krishna Kothayi 1982-1987
Dr.L.H. Manjunath 1987-1991
Sri Sathish kumar 1991-1994
Sri T.V. Srikantha Shenoy 1994-1999
Sri Divakara Bhatt 1999-2004
Sri K.C Udupa 2004-2008
Sri K. Sashidhara Shetty 2008-2009
Sri M.K.S Prabhu 2009-2014
Sri Ajit.K. Rajannavar 2014-2018
Sri Vinay Kumar 2018
Sri Venkataswami [jt Director] 1982-1983
Sri N. Manjunath Bhatt [jt Director] 1983-1987
Sri P.V. Rai [jt Director] 1987-1992
Sri S.N. Yligar [jt Director] 1992-1996
Sri Ananthayya Achar [Jt Director] 1996-2001
Sri Pradeep R. Bhaktha [Jt Director] 2001-2005
Sri K Shashidhara Shetty [Jt Director] 2005-2008